Food Packaging

Food packaging is an integral part of everyday human life. Its evolution follows the evolution of science and technology and is shaped by the rise of living standards and the changes in people’s eating habits. The British Institute of Packaging defines packaging (process) as follows: A coordinated system of preparing goods for transportation, distribution, storage, sale and use. Under Greek Law 2939/01, packaging (medium) means “any product made of any kind of material and intended to be used for containing goods. Its aim is the protection, handling, distribution and presentation of goods from the producer to the user, or the consumer”.


  • The containment of the product.
  • The protection of the contained product against mechanical damage (bumps, vibration, compression), environmental humidity and gases, light, great temperature variations, microbial contamination, dust, dirt and foreign materials, insects and rodents, the packaging material itself.
  • To enable the procurement and use of the product by the consumer.
  • Communication with the consumer.

The main food packaging materials are paper, plastic, glass, tinplate, aluminum and wood. HELLAGRO S.A. offers excellent food packaging materials primarily made of paper/cardboard and plastic.

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