ATLAS® Baling Net Wrap

ATLAS® baling net wrap of HELLAGRO is made in Greece, certified by international bodies, and available in various sizes. It is ideal for forming round bales with guaranteed efficiency. Ensures fewer wraps for the formulation of the bale. ATLAS® baling net performs excellently with all commercially available machines, while ensuring perfect coverage of the entire bale. The baling net is suitable for all crops (hay, straw, alfalfa, corn) and performs under all weather conditions.


  • Made of modern high quality materials.
  • High resistance to resiliency and tear.
  • Easy to install and use, with guaranteed efficiency.
  • Stabilized for UV rays so as to provide 100% protection against solar radiation.
  • Comprehensive, continuous and uniform coverage.
  • Fast and efficient baling process.
  • High-tech equipment for greater efficiency.
  • Stringent quality control procedures in accordance with international industry standards and certificates.
  • Maximum bale coverage for all types of crops.
  • Each roll is numbered for easy identification.
  • Guaranteed lengths.
  • High resistance to chemicals, rodents, insects, extreme weather conditions, high temperatures and humidity.
  • Red warning label on the last 50 meters of each roll.
  • Separate production code for each roll.
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