PAPER FRESH is a brand new bag of coated paper – heat sealable on both sides -with CLF net or film window(s).

  • PAPER FRESH is suitable for dry to light moist products with a total weight of 0,5kg – 2,5kg.
  • In the paper-film versions macroperforation or laser perforation is available.
  • This packaging is normally formed on a vertical form, fill and seal machine, but can be also adapted to a horizontal packaging machine.
  • Can be made of biodegradable materials for ecological use.


The PAPER FRESH packaging has a fashionable look and the options for printing are very good.
The window is normally made from CLF net, a light and elegant material which provides the packed product ventilation and a clear presentation.

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    It is made by coated paper (polyethylene) and CLF net.

    Variety of product sizes (width and length).

    10 colors printing ability.

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