EXTRA® Baler Twine

The most important period for crops is the harvest, when machines operate at maximum power and premium quality baler twine is required to achieve maximum yield. HELLAGRO S.A. provides the EXTRA® baler twine which is strong enough to ensure optimal harvesting and the highest degree of bale stability and resistance. HELLAGRO EXTRA® Baler twine neither breaks nor creases so that it ensures high resistance to the knot formed by each machine.


  • Stabilized to UV radiation (specifically for Mediterranean climate).
  • Offers secure bindings, and smooth operation of the binding system of any machine type.
  • Maximum resistance to adverse weather conditions.
  • Knot free, recyclable and non-toxic.
  • Resistant to alkaline and acidic substances.
  • Perfect fit for all machines.
  • Smooth and continuous unrolling.
  • Minimum friction.
  • Environmentally friendly raw materials.
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