Shade Nets

HELLAGRO S.A. supplies branded shade nets made in Greece. They are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), stabilized against solar UV radiation and with a 3-year warranty. They are specially designed to withstand the sunlight conditions of our country, thus ensuring an ideal environment for crop growth and production. They create an ideal, protective micro-climate that allows seeds, fruits, vegetables, potted plants and flowers to thrive. Shading Nets are divided into several types according to their weaving which is what defines the percentage of radiation that penetrates each one of them.

They are suitable:

  • for shading vegetables and other crops, creating a micro-climate, wind fences, etc.
  • for construction sites (on the scaffolding of buildings under construction and renovation, to protect from plaster and dust)
  • for fencing
  • for the construction of parking lot shelters

The shading nets supplied by HELLAGRO are the only ones made in Greece. The distinctive E in their type designation indicates Greek manufacture. All nets comply with strict International standards. They are also the only ones that can be built according to the needs of each individual customer.

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