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Responsibility towards people, society, environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

HELLAGRO S.A. has embraced Social Responsibility as part of its identity.

Our strategy is based on steady and sustainable development, combining economic success and social welfare with care and respect for the environment.


Our company abides with all national and EU laws regarding environmental protection and tries actively to reduce unnecessary and excessive use of packaging materials. HELLAGRO S.A. cooperates with the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation (HERRCO) for collecting and properly managing product packaging waste.

Our employees are vested in energy and paper use reduction, avoidance of plastic and recycling of ink cartridges, batteries, aluminum etc.


  • Donations to social grocery stores, volunteer groups, non-profit organizations, homeland security forces
  • Sponsorships and collaborations with education institutions and other organizations
  • Participation in social activities and events for a good cause
  • Support of socially vulnerable groups, support of social programs
  • Blood donations
Corporate Social Responsibility
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