Silage Tube

Silage tube is more flexible and more advantageous than conventional silage applications, as it is specially designed for the hermentation and storage of animal feed. The silage tubes feature airtight sealing on both sides, there by assuring complete isolation of fodder and fermentation delay.

Furthermore, the producer receives each time the quantity required, while the rest remains protected inside the tube. It can be very effective if used with a vast range of crops such as high –moisture grains, dray grain, and any other kind of chopped dry forage meant to feed cattle.

It can also be used with unmixed products, such as corn, barley, sugar beat, cabbage, turnip and many others. It can also be used with combined crops such as oaf –corn, oaf –barley etc.


  • Ensures protection against adverse weather conditions, for longer.
  • Sealing allowing the preservation of humidity at the desired level.
  • Can be ordered in various sizes and thicknesses.
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