For products such as fruits and vegetables in punnets, garlic, nuts, etc. we usually use small packages made of extruded tubular net. Each product according to its shape and size requires its own net package and a different color (white and purple for garlic, yellow for kiwis, red for peaches, etc.). Extruded nets may be worked in both vertical and horizontal packaging machines, but manually as well.
For manual application cut pieces of extruded net are also available, with sealed bottoms for ease of use. The use of extruded tubular nets is not limited to fruit and vegetable packaging. They are also used for multipacks (special offer packs) of various products such as chips, croissants, liquid cleaners, detergents, toys, shellfish packaging (there is a separate group of HELLAGRO products), but also for the protection of spare parts, bottles, furniture pieces, etc.

Extruded Garlic Packaging Nets
Garlic packaging nets are an easy packaging solution, whether they are cloves or whole braids. They are available in 1,000m white rolls with two different diameters (for 3 garlics or braid) and can be used in semi-automatic or automatic machines.


  • Extruded nets are highly resistant for packages of various weights.
  • They can be produced with properties (color, mesh size, weight, stiffness, etc.) that meet the particular needs of every packer.


Extruded nets are available in various types, depending on the number of meshes per circumference, on diameter, and on weight per linear meter. The most common types are used in automatic packaging machines which use punnets, and in garlic packaging. Packages vary with the product.

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    Punnet packaging : 1800m/roll









    Garlic packaging : 1000m/roll




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