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Research & Development

The Research & Development department of HELLAGRO SA consists of well-trained scientific staff, such as Agronomists, Chemists and Food Technologists.

Our research is in constant contact with development partners, such as suppliers, institutes and universities, in order to identify the market, future needs and related technologies.

Thus, having the support of a global network of partners, both in geographical scope and in different specialized areas​​, we are able to provide personalized solutions that meet the needs of our customers.



At HELLAGRO SA, we focus on future trends, recognizing innovation as a key lever for profitable growth.

In this direction we are constantly looking for new materials and solutions, we are working on the existing ones, while we are trying to develop new technologies and offer to the trader and the consumer innovative packaging solutions.

Also, wanting to contribute positively to the reduction of the environmental impact and the ecological footprint, we are constantly looking for more sustainable solutions, which give a positive sign, both to the product life cycle and to the environment.

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