Ground Covering

The ground covers offered by HELLAGRO are manufactured using pure polypropylene or polyethylene and are characterized by high resistance and stabilization to UV radiation. They are suitable for plant nurseries, where they contribute to the demarcation of the area in order to facilitate cultivation, as well as for open crops, where they significantly reduce costs as they deter weed growth to a great extent. At the same time they support cultivation on earliness, as soil temperature is maintained at a higher level. They are mainly available in black color, but can be manufactured in white upon request, i.e. white ground cover.

The polypropylene ground cover fiber is characterized by great durability and stabilization to UV radiation. It is porous allowing air to reach the soil, durable and most importantly prevents weed growth. Ideal for plant nurseries.
The black polyethylene ground cover film is suitable for both agricultural and general use. It ensures crop earliness as it contributes to increased soil temperatures, resulting in faster plant growth.

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