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Absorgel Pouches are effective in controlling moisture inside crates, cartons and other types of packaging to prevent mold, fungus, rust and other moisture related damages. The active ingredient in the Absorgel Pouch is calcium chloride, which has a superior ability to absorb moisture from the surrounding air compared to other types of inbox desiccants like the well known silica gel. Absorgel Pouches can absorb over 10 times more than traditional inbox desiccants. The absorbed water is bound into a gel so that no liquid water is formed.

How the Absorgel Pouch works
The Absorgel Pouch starts working as soon as it is removed from its transparent packaging. The calcium chloride absorbs moisture from the surrounding air passing in through its outer breathable packaging material. The Absorgel Pouch’s adhesive gel ensures absorbed moisture stays in the product.

Typical Applications

Absorgel Pouches can be used for almost any type of cargo that requires moisture protection. Absorgel Pouch with one layer of packaging is mainly used for crates and larger boxes, while Absorgel Pouches with two layers is preferred for smaller cartons and when the pouch will be in direct contact with the cargo.

Absorgel Pouches effectively protect:

  • Furniture and handicraft items
  • Garments
  • Shoes
  • Electronics
  • Machine parts and mechanical equipment
  • Photo equipment

Different sizes for different needs
Absorgel Pouches come in different sizes suitable for use in individual boxes, crates and other types of packaging. The Absorgel Pouch with two layers of packaging material is available in 1g, 2g, 5g, 10g, 25g and 50g sizes, while the Absorgel Pouch with one layer of packaging material is available in 25g, 50g, 100g and 125g sizes.

Units needed
The quantity and type of Absorgel Pouches needed will vary depending on various factors such as the size and type of the packaging, type of cargo shipped, shipment time, climatic conditions during the shipment etc. The quantity will also depend on how long the products need to be stored and protected at the destination. We can assist to calculate the exact number of Absorgel Pouches needed under any specific circumstances.

Absorgel Pouches are single-use products and can be disposed as regular waste. The pouches are made of nontoxic and recyclable materials.


  • High absorption capacity
  • Fewer units needed and occupies less loading space
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly, no toxic material

ProductPouch sizeSpecification
Absorgel Pouch-D 1g55mm x 70mm2 layers
Absorgel Pouch-D 2g55mm x 87mm2 layers
Absorgel Pouch-D 5g55mm x 117mm2 layers
Absorgel Pouch-D 10g95mm x 120mm2 layers
Absorgel Pouch-D 25g95mm x 137mm2 layers
Absorgel Pouch-D 50g95mm x 190mm2 layers
Absorgel Pouch-D 25g110mm x 125mm1 layer
Absorgel Pouch-D 50g110mm x 130mm1 layer
Absorgel Pouch-D 100g145mm x 190mm1 layer
Absorgel Pouch-S 125g145mm x 210mm1 layer


ProductAbsorgel Pouch-D 1gPouch size55mm x 70mmSpecification2 layers
ProductAbsorgel Pouch-D 2gPouch size55mm x 87mmSpecification2 layers
ProductAbsorgel Pouch-D 5gPouch size55mm x 117mmSpecification2 layers
ProductAbsorgel Pouch-D 10gPouch size95mm x 120mmSpecification2 layers
ProductAbsorgel Pouch-D 25gPouch size95mm x 137mmSpecification2 layers
ProductAbsorgel Pouch-D 50gPouch size95mm x 190mmSpecification2 layers
ProductAbsorgel Pouch-D 25gPouch size110mm x 125mmSpecification1 layer
ProductAbsorgel Pouch-D 50gPouch size110mm x 130mmSpecification1 layer
ProductAbsorgel Pouch-D 100gPouch size145mm x 190mmSpecification1 layer
ProductAbsorgel Pouch-S 125gPouch size145mm x 210mmSpecification1 layer