U-Pack® is a bag in 100% recyclable paper designed initially to hold up to two kilos of citrus fruits and others.

The size and capacity are up to you, along with the perforations that make your packaging unique.

We’ve selected brown paper for its robustness and its superb anti-tearing qualities. We also wanted to recall the traditional bags used by grocers and bakers: it’s a reassuring message that conveys naturalness and authenticity.

U-Pack® was designed for grapes, but it works perfectly for other kinds of fruit, like apricots, peaches, prunes, lemons, and plums. Its standard format can hold up to 1 kilo, but sizes can be personalized up to 2 kilos.

U-Pack® uses from sources that do not negatively affect the planet’s forest systems, thus safeguarding biodiversity, workers, and local economies.

Aerographic® lets you create unique, graphic perforations on the two larger sides of the bag.
With Aerographic® technology we can reproduce any name or logo only by engraving the paper, without having to resort to inks. The advantage is aesthetic and functional: the bag acquires an original and easily recognizable appearance, while the engraving favors the ventilation and conservation of the product.

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