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G-Bag® is a shopper made in 100% FSC certified paper for carrying fruits, vegetables, and aromatic plants.

G-Bag’s unique feature is its ergonomic handle, providing superior product visibility and encouraging impulse buying. Thanks to its exclusive Handy Twist® system that enlarges the opening width, the G-Bag can be used on automatic packaging lines.

The handle is made from a reinforced dual-layer of pure cellulose to guarantee maximum weight bearing.

G-Bag uses 100% FSC-certified paper from sources that do not negatively affect the planet’s forest systems, thus safeguarding biodiversity, workers, and local economies.

All four sides can be printed on. The G-Bag can be personalized anyway you choose, offering total flexibility in packaging visuals and communication, guaranteeing recognizability, immediacy, and variety.

G-Bag prevents constant handling of the products inside and enhances shelf-life with anti-bacterial paper.

When graphics breathe life into your brand! Aerographic lets you create unique, graphic perforations on the two larger sides of the bag.

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