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Home Products Products per industry Industrial Packaging Bags BIG BAGS – FIBC BAGS – UN BAGS – BULK BAGS


Big Bags – Bulk bags – UN bags or FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) offered by HELLAGRO SA are used for transport and storage of unpackaged industrial materials. They are designed to be lifted from the top with 1 or 4 suspension points (loops) on their roof, and they have grounding when needed.

They are produced from polypropylene (PP) in many different types and dimensions, depending on the form of the material being packed, the volume and weight of transport and in general the requirements of the customer. The type of megabag is mainly determined by the shape of the upper part (open, with a filling valve or with some form of extension to close it) and its lower part (closed or with a discharge valve, but also by how many support points it has. 1 central, 2 lateral, or 4 one in each corner. Upon request, they can have an inner polyethylene bag or be laminated, (i.e. waterproof).

HELLAGRO SA also offers FIBC bulk bags/big bags Ventilated , which have mesh strips lengthwise to ventilate their interior as well as the products contained therein. Ventilated bulk bags are mainly used for storing and transporting potatoes, wood and other products that need aeration.

Finally, special megabags are available for the transport of dangerous products, such as UN big bags. UN mega bags are certified for the transport of hazardous materials (HAZardous MATerials) according to ADR regulations. Compared to standard FIBCs, UN FIBCs are highly durable to prevent leakage of hazardous materials even when under pressure, features for which they are thoroughly tested and inspected to comply with all required specifications and to keep the product safe during transport.

These tests are lifting and dropping (vertically or sideways) a filled megabag up to 5 times its payload and returning it to a vertical position, as well as testing the stacking strength of full megabags and a stretch test while filled to breaking point.

According to the level of danger of the packaged material, UNs are characterized by a combination of the numbers I, II, III as well as the letters X, Y, Z.

At the same time, regarding the technical characteristics of the mega bag, they are divided into types:

13H1: woven polypropylene (PP) without waterproof coating without inner liner
13H2: woven polypropylene (PP), with waterproof coating without liner
13H3: woven polypropylene (PP), without waterproof liner
13H4: woven polypropylene (PP), with waterproof coating with liner

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