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Bale Net Wrap ATLAS®


The ATLAS® bale net wrap is of Greek origin, certified by international organizations, and available in various dimensions. It is manufactured using high-quality materials with UV stabilizers to ensure 100% protection from the sun’s rays. All the latest technologies are applied in its construction, while the most modern machines are used for its production, shaping it into a high-strength net meeting specifications.

The ATLAS® bale net wrap works perfectly with all the market’s hay baling machines, providing excellent coverage of the bale from end to end. It is an ideal solution for shaping round bales, as it ensures fewer necessary wraps and is suitable for all types of forage (hay, straw, clover, corn).


  • It provides comprehensive, continuous, and uniform coverage
  • It has high elasticity and resistance to chemicals and extreme weather conditions
  • It is easy to install and use
  • It ensures guaranteed efficiency
  • Each roll has a guaranteed length with red warning marking on the last 50 meters
  • Baling is done quickly and efficiently
  • Each roll has a separate production code for easy identification

Bale Net Wrap ATLAS® FAQ

What is the reason for the high strength of the ATLAS® bale net wrap?

The high durability of the ATLAS® bale net wrap is due to its wider stanchion, which withstands the pressure of the bale’s expansion, while the thin mesh maintains the proper spacing of the stanchions. In the event of mesh breakage, the bale will not undergo any deformation.

What is the significance for a bale net wrap?

The weight of a net is not a measure of its durability, as the weaving method and the technology of the weaving machines used for its production play a significant role. Thus, under these conditions, a lightweight net may have the same or even greater durability compared to a heavier one.

Finally, it is important for the bales to be uniform and flat across their entire width so that they can be considered structurally sound. Conversely, uneven bales exert pressure on the net, potentially causing defects.

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Technical specifications

Width (m)
Length (m)
Pallet packaging (roll)
2000, 3000
32 for 2000m, 28 for 3000m
2000, 3000
32 for 2000m, 28 for 3000m
2000, 3000
32 for 2000m, 28 for 3000m
2000 / 3000 / 3600
1,23 / 1,25 / 1,30
32 / 28 rolls per pallet

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