The ground cover textile, or ground cover cloth is suitable for ground coverage. It is mainly used in agriculture to protect crops, preventing weed growth, and does not allow solar radiation to reach the soil. Therefore it contributes to better crop growth.
HELLAGRO provides a wide variety of ground cover textiles made of 100% pure polypropylene with UV stabilizer for ultraviolet rays resistance.
It is an extremely solid, porous, highly durable and reusable cloth. It allows free air circulation on the soil covered so that the environment beneath is maintained living and healthy, while its weaving allows water to flow as it is filtered and does not stagnate. Finally, it maintains constant temperature for optimal plant growth.
The key uses of the ground cover textile or cloth are greenhouses, gardens, plant nurseries and various architectural projects in which no grass is allowed to grow on the ground.
The ground cover textile or cloth supplied by HELLAGRO SA is produced and certified according to European standards and to ISO 9001 which ensures its high quality. The two main colors are black and white upon request.

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