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GRIP FIX™ Palletizing Adhesives


The pallet stabilization system with GRIP FIX™ glue is an innovative German product suitable for securing pallets with products packaged in any of the following ways:

In polyethylene bags (PE)
In paper bags In cardboard boxes
In cellophane (PE) or shrink film (Shrink film PE)
In woven bags (PP)
In small packets made of paper, plastic or a combination of the above.

Pallets secured with the GRIP FIX™ glue system remain stable during palletizing (whether done manually or on automatic palletizing lines), transportation, and order receipt at the distribution center.

The GRIP FIX™ system was awarded the bronze award at the PACKAGING INNOVATION AWARDS 2019 in the category “New Packaging Method – Usage of New Raw Material and/or Machinery.”


  • Provides high tear strength and very low peel strength
  • Packages can be easily separated
  • Leaves no residues after depalletizing
  • Contributes to minimizing product waste
  • It is plant-based and water-soluble, hence environmentally friendly
  • Available in at least 90 different types to meet every possible need
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