FillPak Go™

FillPak Go™

Small box, big benefits, optimal product protection.

A unique box design makes FillPak Go™ a winning choice for anyone working with smaller packaging volumes.

This is a quick and highly efficient way to fill voids and protect products during transport.

Paperstar™ FillPak™ paper fills spaces reliably, with simple operation and minimal costs – and sustainability-minded consumers value Greenline paper that is FSC-certified, curbside recyclable, renewable, and biodegradable.

Simple and highly efficient packaging, for start-up companies or for low-volume Void Fill users, with easy integration into any packing environment.


  • Cost efficient
    Get started straight out of the box, using less material and with reduced storage costs. Paper is available whenever you need it, on-demand.
  • Flexible
    Compact size and low weight allow FillPak Go to go almost anywhere. The electricity-free solution integrates easily into any packing environment, and Greenline paper suits all of your Void Fill configurations.
  • Simple
    Installation is almost instant, with no training necessary. FillPak Go eliminates labor-intensive paper crumpling by hand. This is a genuine ‘tear and go’ solution.
  • Protective
    A star-shaped paper pad (Paperstar) – pulled straight out of the box – ensures superior protection. The pad holds its shape, does not break or deflate, and provides good shock absorption.

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    FillPak Go™
    Cut method
    manual tearing
    9.9 kg
    40 x 20 x 30 cm

    70 gr/m2 Greenline
    Pack length: 360 m
    Pack width: 38 cm
    Pack weight: 9.6 kg

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