May 2023
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What preparations are made by the farmer in the spring period?

Farmers Article

Spring marks the beginning of the agricultural cycle, when farmers plan what to plant and start to cultivate their fields thoroughly. In addition to the fields, they also look after their animals (those who have them), maintain equipment and infrastructure, check for pests and diseases, manage irrigation, and finally buy the products they will need.

In this article we will delve into the various tasks recommended during the spring season in order to achieve a successful and fruitful year.

Planning and planting

Spring is a period of careful planning and strategic decision making, where farmers evaluate market demands, analyze crop rotations and select the appropriate varieties for those based on their region. Once the planning phase is complete, farmers prepare their fields by removing weeds and adding fertilizer or compost. They then sow seeds or transplant plants at the optimum time to take advantage of favourable weather conditions. This stage lays the foundations for a rich production.

Care of animals

Although crops take priority during the spring season, farmers place equal importance on the welfare of their animals. They make sure that animal accommodation is clean, comfortable and well ventilated. In addition, they provide them with a balanced diet, adapting the feed to their specific nutritional needs. They shall carry out regular examinations, vaccinations and preventive measures to ensure that the animals remain healthy. This period also includes routine daily tasks such as feeding, milking, mowing and generally managing the overall welfare of the animals.

Maintenance of equipment and infrastructure

Farmers understand the importance of well-maintained equipment and infrastructure to optimise their operations. In the spring, they inspect, clean and maintain their machinery, including tractors, harvesters and irrigation systems. They also carry out repairs and any necessary replacements or upgrades. In addition, farmers focus on maintaining their fences, barns and storage facilities to ensure they are in top condition for the busy season ahead.

Pest and disease control

With the arrival of spring, pests and diseases can pose significant threats to crops and livestock. Farmers diligently monitor their fields by implementing integrated pest management strategies for proper prevention. Often, they use organic methods such as companion planting or biological control, and use pesticides judiciously – when necessary – to protect their crops. Similarly, they regularly inspect their livestock for signs of disease or pests and administer appropriate treatments immediately.

Irrigation management

Proper irrigation is a vital issue for crop growth and maximizing yields. In the spring, farmers carefully assess soil moisture levels and select the appropriate irrigation methods for their crops. The choice of method is determined based on the crop requirements, but also on water availability. Effective water management ensures that plants receive the necessary moisture without excessive wastage.

Harvesting and trade

As summer approaches, farmers prepare for harvesting. They closely monitor the maturity of the plants, observing any changes in the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit, such as colour, acidity, sugars, etc., in order to determine the ideal time to harvest. Once the fruit has been harvested, the farmers store and package it and send it to the markets.

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In conclusion, farmers play a vital role in the food supply chain. Their hard work results in an abundance of fresh and nutritious produce on our tables. So the next time we enjoy a delicious meal, let’s take some time to appreciate their work and dedication.

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