Silage Films SiloGrass & SiloGrano

Silage Films SiloGrass & SiloGrano

HELLAGRO S.A. provides in the market the SiloGrass and SiloGrano Silage Films.

Both films, SiloGrass and SiloGrano are suitable for the formation of perfectly sealed bales, round or square shape, of any crop and compatible with any type of wrapping machine. The silage bales are formed extremely well sealed, due to the innovative sealing effect feature. The adhesive property is limited to one side of the film, thereby reducing residues on the tensile system and ensuring ideal film tension, while simultaneously facilitating the handling of packages.

The 7-layer, widely known and trustworthy Bale Silage Film SiloGrass guarantees complete sealing and perfect perseverance of any crop such as hay or corn, giving an ideal solution to humidity loss. The homogeneous overlapping edges of the film prevent the penetration of water between the film layers. It is available in white color, ideal for the intensity of Greek UV radiation and also in black (upon request) for areas with less sunshine.

SiloGrano Silage Film is a high-tech 5-layer film, which is produced from 100% pure raw materials, a feature that provides high resistance to pricking, both during wrapping and bale storage. It ensures a strong airtight closure for each bale, in any weather conditions, while its equally overlapping edges prevent water from entering between its layers and consequently reducing the quality of the feed. It is available in white color, ideal for the intensity of Greek UV radiation, offers high impermeability to light and withstands continuous exposure to the sun for up to 12 months. Its thickness is 25μm which offers the best protection against pricks during wrapping, as well as the storage of the shaped silage bales.

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