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HELLAGRO S.A. offers on the market the SiloGrass® (enhanced 5-layer) and SiloGrano® (5-layer) silage films, which are extremely durable. They are suitable for producing perfectly sealed bales, whether round or square, for any crop, and compatible with any type of wrapping machine.

Manufactured from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) to ensure ideal mechanical properties in terms of stretch, strength, and reliability. Both films are characterized by excellent adhesive properties, while their pioneering feature, the sealing effect, ensures the effective closure of the bales. Their stable thickness, 25μm, ensures uniformity in their quality characteristics throughout the entire roll.

Silage Film SILOGRASS®

SiloGrass® Silage Film has homogeneous overlapping edges, preventing water ingress between its layers. It ensures ideal tension during wrapping of bales and is suitable for round or square bales. It offers superior resistance compared to a three-layer film. Utilizing blow extrusion technology and a special sealing method, it minimizes gas permeability. Available in white, ideal for Mediterranean climates’ solar radiation intensity, and black (upon request) for less sunny areas. It can withstand outdoor exposure for up to 1 year after application.

Silage Film SILOGRANO®

SiloGrano® Silage Film is a high-tech, 5-layer film produced from 100% pure raw materials, providing high puncture resistance during wrapping and storage of the bale. It ensures strong airtight sealing for each bale in any weather conditions, while its homogeneously overlapping edges prevent water ingress between its layers, which can compromise feed quality. Available in white, it’s ideal for the intensity of solar radiation in the Greek climate. It offers high light impermeability and can withstand continuous sun exposure for up to 12 months. Additionally, it has a thickness of 25μm, providing the best protection against puncture during wrapping and for the formed bale.


  • Blow extrusion films, manufactured from superior quality raw materials
  • Highly resistant to weather conditions
  • Excellent adhesive properties for strong bale sealing
  • Minimization of gas permeability – Special sealing method to reduce CO2 loss and prevent O2 ingress
  • Superior elastic stability – Bales remain tightly wrapped for up to a year after wrapping
  • Enhanced elasticity – Minimization of breakage and tearing during film stretching from the baling machine
  • High puncture resistance – Particularly resistant to tearing from small branches and corners of square bales
  • Opaque with a stable thickness of 25μm throughout the roll
  • UV stabilization for 1 year – Can withstand outdoor exposure for up to 1 year from application, ideal for Mediterranean climates
  • Fully recyclable plastic cores
  • Good transparency and color intensity – Provides greater protection from solar radiation, improving ensiling
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Technical specifications

Type of Film
Roll width (mm)
Roll Length (m)
1 roll per carton, 24 rolls per pallet
1 roll per carton, 20 rolls per pallet
1 roll per carton, 40 rolls per pallet
1800 / 1500
500 / 750

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