Paper’s insulation value is highly competitive, and Ranpak’s total thermal packaging solutions include paper-based insulating RecyCold® climaliner™ combined with highly sustainable RecyCold® cool packs.

That means a wide range of benefits across many different cold-chain applications – providing reliable temperature control for the Cold Chain food & beverage markets.


RecyCold® climaliner™

Sustainable thermal protection for food and beverages

The insulating power of paper protects temperature sensitive items during shipping by using RecyCold® climaliner™. A paper thermal liner which protects frozen, chilled and ambient products from temperature fluctuations up to 48 hours.

The climaliner™ pads are ready-to-use on delivery. For convenience, standard liner lengths are pre-defined – therefore, 90% of customer demand can be met using standard solutions.


RecyCold® cool packs

Keep it cooler

RecyCold® cool packs are designed for products that need cooling during unconditioned transport. They are available in various sizes and weights for different applications, and reflect Ranpak’s commitment to sustainability – using materials that have a low environmental impact both during production and after use.

The paper pouches have a polyethylene (PE) coating, and inside each pouch is a 100% biodegradable cooling gel – creating a product that is suitable for indirect food contact. The ink used for printing on the cool pack’s exterior is also suitable for indirect food contact.

With a freezing point of approximately 28 degrees Fahrenheit (-2 Celsius), RecyCold cool packs can be used to maintain temperatures between 36 to 46 F (2-8 C) and 23 to 28 Fahrenheit (-5 to -2 C). They’re suited for single-use commercial applications or re-use by consumers. At end of life, the biodegradable gel can be disposed of in nature or composted and the pouch discarded as household waste.


  • Sustainable

Paper solution is 100% recyclable, renewable and biodegradable.

  •  Thermal protection

Excellent thermal box liner protection for up to 48 hours, for ambient, chilled and frozen products.

  • Cost efficient

Thin paper liners optimize box volumes and box size flexibility. One-way packaging saves on return flow.

  •  Aesthetics

A unique unboxing experience for customers, from a strong paper solution.


    Ζητήστε μας Προσφορά

    RecyCold® cool packs
    Dimensions (μ x d x h)
    15cm x 12cm x 1,5cm
    15cm x 12,5cm x 2cm
    15cm x 14,5cm x 2,5cm
    15cm x 18,5cm x 3cm
    15cm x 21cm x 3,5cm
    20cm x 19cmx 4cm
    20cm x 21cm x 4,6cm
    20cm x 26cm x 5cm
    Temperature range

    36 to 46°F (2 to 8°C) / 23 to 28°F (-2 to -5°C)



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