Container Dunnage Air Bags


Container dunnage air bags, also known as “container air bags,” are equipment primarily used in commercial shipping and transportation of goods in containers to stabilize loads and protect cargo from damage during transit. These air bags serve as anti-vibration material and are typically made from reinforced materials such as polyethylene and cardboard. They are placed between the cargo to fill void spaces between pallets or loads and the walls of the container.


  • They help stabilize loads within the container, preventing slipping and the risk of cargo falling during transit
  • They protect goods from vibrations, shocks, and injuries during transport
  • They allow for more efficient use of space inside the container by filling gaps between the loads
  • They have greater resistance to puncture and moisture
  • They are 100% recyclable
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Technical specifications

Externally made of woven polypropylene (woven PP) and internally lined with linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE-C4), while stitched at the ends instead of being glued, maintaining their strength throughout the journey

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