Doxeia Befresh
Doxeia Befresh

BEfresh Ethylene Absorption Containers


In the warehouses of fruit and vegetable importers and wholesalers, there is a constant flow of incoming and outgoing perishable goods, 365 days a year, leading to the multiplication of bacterial colonies and pathogens.

The air sanitation device with BEfresh containers is the ideal solution for air sanitation in these warehouses, removing ethylene and various contaminating substances (ethylene oxide, fungal spores, bacteria, etc.) present during the storage of fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. These contaminating substances are responsible for the deterioration of the quality of fresh products.

Available in 11kg containers.


  • 100% recyclable material
  • Maximum absorption degree in the market
  • Constructed from halogen-free material with high impact resistance
  • V-shaped for reduced air resistance and increased contact surface area
  • Optimal compression of granules due to the exclusive filling system, preventing air bypass
  • Side position adjusters for perfect fitting in various compositions
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