The ceremony of the Packaging Innovation Awards 2019 took place on Thursday, June 20 2019 and was organized by the magazines of Boussias Communications – Marketing Week, Plant and Self Service – with the collaboration of the Association of the Greek Manufacturers of Packaging & Materials (AGMPM). The awards ceremony was attended by more than 200 high ranking business executives of companies that produce or distribute products, companies in the manufacturing, materials and packaging industry, printing companies of any kind of packaging or display stands and creative design sectors, who honored innovation in packaging design, development, technology and processes across the supply chain management.

The new HELLAGRO GRIP-FIX ™ Pallet Adhesive System was awarded the Bronze Award in the category “New Packaging Method – Usage of New Raw Materials and / or Machinery” for the innovation it brings to the Greek market, the improvement of productivity and the significant economic benefits it offers to automatic and semi-automatic palletizing lines.

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This distinction rewards the basic strategy of HELLAGRO S.A., which is constantly oriented towards the continuous improvement of the quality of the products and services it provides, the expansion of the options for its customers and the implementation of innovative solutions, aiming to optimize cost-effectiveness.