Apr 2021

HELLAGRO’s environmental protection strategy


HELLAGRO, following its Sustainable Development Scheme, recently entered into a participation agreement with Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation (HE.R.R.Co.) to support the proper alternative management of its packaging waste.

HE.R.R.Co., in cooperation with Local Authorities of the country, supports the systematic collection and effective alternative packaging management in our country, in order to achieve the maximum recycling packaging quantities, in accordance with the national and European legislation.

The social contribution has been an integral part of HELLAGRO’s business ethics and following its Sustainable Development strategy, the company supports local communities with many, different actions, including this cooperation with HE.R.R.Co.

The amount of waste generated daily affects the eco system and consequently our health and quality of life. The company aims to support every action related to the systematic collection and proper separation and management of recyclables materials and parts, in order to minimize solid wastes and create a healthier environment for everyone.