Apr 2021

HELLAGRO S.A. supports senior communities and people in need in 4 municipalities in greece

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HELLAGRO SA continues supporting senior communities through consuming products donation.

HELLAGRO SA is committed in supporting senior communities, especially during the times of corona virus, thus on April the company announced a donation program to support them through “Help at home” services in different municipalities in Greece.

Donations include consuming goods such as pasta, rice, lentils, milk, flour, sugar, personal hygiene items, and cleaning products.

In total, the company has offered more than 2,500 products. The following municipalities were included in the latest donation:

  • Municipality of Glyfada, in Athens
  • of Agios Dimitrios, in Athens
  • οf Ioannina, in Ioannina,
  • of Paeonia, in Kilkis
  • of Aktio – Vonitsa in Aetoloakarnania and
  • Thivaion Municipality, in Thiva

HELLAGRO SA is actively engaged in the market of agricultural applications, industrial and food packaging and had steadily ascended to a significant position within the Greek and Balkan markets. The company has also built strong relations with local producers over the last 20 years, supporting them in every challenging circumstances of the country.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company has been dedicated in supporting senior communities whose lives are impacted by this pandemic and will continue supporting them through this donation program to different municipalities all over Greece.