HELLAGRO offers a product range of innovative moisture protection technology for containers and packaging, which specializes exclusively on products and services that help customers all over the world avoid moisture damage.

What could happen to the products
  • Mold on bags
  • Rust on the metal parts
  • Damaged boxes
  • Mildew and discoloration
The problem solved
  • 10% of all damages on goods are related to moisture
  • Estimated value of damaged goods:
    $ 500 billion a year (equal to Sweden’s GNP)

HELLAGRO S.A. products have consistent high quality, maintaining complete control end to end in the production chain and manufacture to delivery of the right product with the right quality at the right place.

With HELLAGRO desiccants:
  • Goods arrive in the same condition as loaded
  • Reduced packaging material:
    • rust protection/coating oil
    • cardboard (less/thinner usage)
    • VCI/plastic wrapping
  • Less labor hours
  • No production break/delays
  • No goods reclamation and costs