What is hidden behind poor quality Shade nets

All professionals in the field know the importance of quality and compliance to the right specifications for shade nets. Unfortunately, for another year, quality problems and deviations have been identified with respect to the correct specifications for Chinese-made shade nets available in many retail outlets.

After a thorough investigation we found that the most frequent phenomena observed are:

  • Chinese shade nets are characterized by the complete lack of stabilizer in UV radiation, resulting in discoloration in a short time after their placement (in some cases even in 10 days), holes are created and generally destroyed rapidly by exposure to solar radiation.
  • The dimensions listed in these and in the relevant forms often do not correspond to the actual ones, resulting in shortcomings in the total surface area and financial loss to the purchaser.
  • Importers who have such nets often do not have the necessary knowledge of their specifications, demanding materials that are unsuitable for Greek weather and climate conditions and selling them at low prices that tempt the unsuspecting professional and purchaser of the product.
  • In some cases, these importers knowingly offer inappropriate materials, for example, without UV stabilization, as it greatly increases the cost of the net and thus reduces their “competitive” advantage over the responsible suppliers of shade nets.
  • Finally, in other cases, the deviations of the stated prices, specifications etc. are made without the knowledge of traders, since they have not been sufficiently informed by their suppliers about the materials they buy.

At Hellagro, we recommend our partners and final consumers to seek certifications for the shade nets they intend to purchase and to see carefully if they have a 3 to 4 year guarantee from their implementation, as this will ensure value Of the money they invest in these materials. Also prefer companies that are well-known in the field and have shading nets with stable quality and correct specifications.

For any clarification about the above, please contact us.

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