Greece’s crisis has created an anarchy in the market.  An anarchy that many “companies” are trying to exploit for the quick and easy profit, without the slightest investment. Companies created overnight, with zero share capital and without any physical presence – only electronic – have baptized Chinese products to “European” and profit at the expense of consumers. New agricultural products, which while they look cheap, are in fact very expensive since the user has to pay for them two and three times – due to their limited shelf life – while a quality product would only be paid for once. More specifically, as Mr. Tziotzios, Commercial Director of HELLAGRO SA, has said in recent years, we have seen an increase in the phenomenon of the sale of agricultural products made of recycled materials of the lowest quality and without UV protection, which have no certification, no guarantee and mainly come from ghost companies that do not provide any support to collaborators who – wrongly – trusted them.

So be more careful, following some simple steps:

  • Request suitability / specification certificates.
  • Request a warranty for the products you buy.
  • Visit the physical stores of the companies you work with, seeing with your eyes that they really exist.
  • Ask the company for the advice of specially trained scientists about the specific product you are interested in.
  • Ask to see the products, check their quality and learn their country of origin.
  • The size matters. Make sure you work with a large and dependable supplier, who will be there for support and the day after.

Your money and work is precious. Do not waste it on uncertain choices.

HELLAGRO SA is next to you for more than 15 years. We are beside you to provide you with certified products with 4 years warranty of the finest quality, of the finest materials, with UV stabilization, through stable collaborations with the biggest firms of Greece and abroad.

  • EXTRA® baler twine
  • ARMA® greenhouse twine
  • ATLAS® baler net
  • DUROMESH® olive harvesting nets
  • KARATZIS NET shade nets
  • KARATZIS NET woven bags
  • Ground cover films


  • UVASYS grape preservatives

Each of HELLAGRO’s products is certified according to the latest European standards of suitability and its production has been based on the particular climatic conditions prevailing in the Mediterranean countries as well as the top quality-price ratio.

HELLAGRO qualified staff, consisting of experienced scientists, is at your disposal for any information or opinion you may need.

HELLAGRO’s many years of presence in the field of agricultural products, as well as its long-standing cooperation with the largest foreign firms, are our credentials in a market that is being shaken by “flare” companies, without any consequence and credibility.

HELLAGRO SA, in its effort to help and inform its associates, will publish the latest agricultural news every month with news and analysis of products related to the agricultural sector.