4 Tons less plastic waste on the environment by «Α.P.S.Ι. PINDOS»

Environmental policy for the drastical reduction of plastic packaging waste

By investing in environment-friendly modern technology,  and in line with modern requirements for the drastical reduction of the use of plastic packaging, the Ioannina Agricultural Poultry Cooperative “APSI PINDOS” started to implement HELLAGRO S.A.‘s innovative GRIP-FIX ™ Pallet Adhesive System for the palletization and handling of its feed products.

The benefits of the GRIP-FIX ™ Pallet Adhesive System over the existing palletization solutions (stretch film) are numerous:

• Increased safety when transporting the pallet
• Significant cost savings
• Time saving during palletization
• Eco-friendly product (biodegradable, water soluble, suitable for direct contact with food, with zero waste)

“We have chosen this pallet adhesive system because it is an eco-friendly product, suitable for food contact and of course with zero waste, which is fully in line with the environmental sustainability of our company, while increasing our competitiveness,” stated Mr. Tsakanikas Lazaros, General Director of “APSI PINDOS”.

This collaboration of HELLAGRO® with the Ioannina Agricultural Poultry Cooperative “APSI PINDOS” is the result of the successful completion of the pilot installation of the GRIP-FIX ™ Pallet Adhesive System, carried out at the company’s feed factory in order to evaluate the unique capabilities and benefits of the system.

The use of the GRIP-FIX ™ Pallet Adhesive System has achieved more than 35% reduction in palletization costs, resulting in the reduction of up to 4 tons of plastic packaging per year.

It is noted that the new GRIP-FIX ™ Pallet Adhesive System was awarded the Bronze Award in the category “New Packaging Method – Usage of New Raw Materials and / or Machinery”, which is a practical recognition of the specific advantages of the method, with most important being the energy footprint, by substantially reducing the need to use plastic packaging materials.


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