The up-to-date forum “Energy Saving, Industry and Competitiveness” will take place on 29 January 2019 at the Athens Divani Caravel Hotel, with the participation of the relevant Ministries of Environment – Energy and Economy, the scientific cooperation of the CRES and a number of key business and industrial – industrial supply chain.

YOU SAVE, a member of the HELLAGRO® group, is actively involved as a Big Sponsor of the event, which aims to help identify the next steps in facilitating energy efficiency investments and to formulate concrete proposals for the demand of the season: the reduction of energy consumption and ensuring competitive energy prices to the industies, export cmpanies, the supply chain and entrepreneurship in general by utilizing more fully every possible means that the state and the private sector provide nowadays.

Particular emphasis will be given to financing solutions and incentives that will be offered hereafter both under the NSRF and other specific programs provided by the private sector and Energy Service Providers – Esco’s.

The prevailing trends in energy saving in European industry and the corresponding prospects in Greece are another subject of the conference, as is the increasing role of energy inspections which are mandatory for many industries.

During the work, the results of the first energy audits will also be presented to industries already subject to mandatory European energy-saving objectives and current experience and best practices will be shared.

Important data on the contribution of energy costs to the total operating costs in companies will also be presented by industry representatives. And of course there will be presentations of selected and original energy saving systems.

Finally, the opportunities provided by electricity and gas providers will be presented with the opportunity to exchange views to draw useful conclusions.

For more information and subscriptions please contact:
Ms. Anna Tsirba, Communications Officer
Ms. Tina Joumara, Research Associate
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