Useful Tips from HELLAGRO SA


Greece’s crisis has created an anarchy in the market.  An anarchy that many “companies” are trying to exploit for the quick and easy profit, without the slightest investment.  These “companies”, created overnight, with zero share capital and without any physical presence – only electronic – have baptized Chinese products to “European” and profit at the expense of consumers.  They offer agricultural products, which while they look cheap, are in fact very expensive since the user has to pay for them two and three times – due to their limited shelf life – while a quality product would only be paid for once.  More specifically, in recent years, we have seen an increase in the phenomenon of the sale of agricultural products made of recycled materials of the lowest quality and without UV protection, which have no certification, no guarantee and mainly come from ghost companies that do not provide any support to collaborators who – wrongly – trusted them.

So be more careful, following some simple steps:

  1. Request suitability / specification certificates.
  2. Ask for a written warranty for the products you buy.
  3. Visit the physical stores of the companies you work with, seeing with your eyes that they really exist.
  4. Ensure that there are suitable storage spaces that meet the operating requirements.
  5. Ask to see the products, check their quality and learn their country of origin.
  6. Trust branded European products.
  7. Ask the company for the opinion of specially trained scientists about the specific product you are interested in.
  8. The size matters. Make sure you work with a large and dependable supplier, who will be there for support and the day after.
  9. Do not prepay if you do not find that the above conditions are met.

Especially for two popular materials, we would like to emphasize that:

  • The shade nets sold by HELLAGRO for more than 15 years are manufactured by the Karatzis Group (Greek production), a feature identified by the distinctive “E” in their type (E30, E60, E125). It has been observed in the economic crisis that respective imported materials of other suppliers bear the same distinctive mark, but without their products being of Greek but of Chinese origin. It has also been observed that other supplier’s shading nets have no UV protection, so they easily tear like shredded paper. Our associates are kindly requested to contact our company for further clarification.
  • The net bags that HELLAGRO has been supplying for more than 15 years are also manufactured by the Karatzis Group (Greek production).  Bags of Turkish and Chinese origin that contain heavy metals above the allowable limit have been found in the market, making them unsuitable for food contact.  Our associates are kindly requested to contact our company for further clarification.

HELLAGRO will keep you updated on new cases that are present on the market and pose dangers of reliability.