DUROMESH and OLIVAGRO olive harvesting nets are made of 100% pure polyethylene (HDPE). They have a reinforced, colored hem to prevent tearing and to ensure easy net placement, use and movement. This green stripe is a trademark of DUROMESH and OLIVAGRO products. The olive harvesting meshes have UV radiation stabilization, which makes them resistant to the sunlight and Mediterranean climate of Greece.
Furthermore, the olive harvesting nets are reinforced so as not to be affected by chemicals and foreign objects they may come in contact with (stones, twigs, wood, etc.). The raw materials used are non-toxic and abide to food safety regulations.
The basic color is green. All olive harvesting meshes are manufactured under strict specifications in accordance with ISO standards. This guarantees immaculate production and weaving quality, without holes or tears. All olive harvesting meshes are in one piece.
The olive harvesting nets have high quality and guaranteed reliability. They are flexible and are a big help for olive oil producers, since they are an economical solution for quick and effortless harvesting, ensuring the integrity of the olive.

Duromesh olive harvesting nets

Olive harvesting nets with weight of 100+ gr/m2, well known for their dense weave. The olive harvesting mesh is densely woven on two ends for further reinforcement, while the other two ends feature a dense light green stripe integrated on the net, and also have integrated loops to facilitate fastening.

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