Thank you letter from the Smile of the Child


The “Smile of the child” is close to the children and HELLAGRO next to the smile!

Dear friends and colleagues,

The children and the people of the Organization “Smile of the Child” express our warmest thanks for your very important participation in our efforts for children and more specifically for the sponsorship of a net on 2/4/2015.

For a voluntary organization, such as “Smile of the Child”, based solely on private initiative, as it is translated every time, your participation is greatly valued.

Thanks to you and with you, “Smile of the Child” manages to survive every day but also to expand its activities, thus enabling the protection and care of thousands of children who have been deprived of their smile.

Thanks to you and with you, we ensure the innumerable needs we face in order to continue, as well as the necessary moral support to accomplish the – often very difficult – task you have entrusted us.

Once again we thank you warmly and hope you always have the opportunity to stand next to the children as members of our great family.

Thank you!

For the Board of Directors

Kostas Giannopoulos


Thank you letter from the Smile of the Child